How to attract money & abundance energetically

People have a very amusing mindset around money. Most of their lives is spent on either acquiring money, spending money, saving money or worrying about money. Even though money is the object of desire, people hold many limiting beliefs around it. Even the ones who claim they have nothing to do with money are karmically connected to it.

As a child, I often heard elders express many beliefs around money in the form of opinions and suggestions. “Money is the root of all evil”, “You must work hard to get money”, “It’s selfish to want a lot of money”, “Money is not that important”, “I am just not good with money”, “Money corrupts”, etc. were some of them. Unfortunately, most beliefs operate subconsciously. Once we accept them in childhood, they form our reality as we grow up. It is important to work on these beliefs & the first step is to get aware that these limiting beliefs about money exist at all. We need to find them and shift our awareness to empowering beliefs in place of these limiting ones.

Manifesting money is all about your energy. It’s about letting go of a scarcity mindset where you think there isn’t enough money, and welcoming in more abundance, fun, happiness, security and prosperity into your life.

In order to have more money one must learn to attract it and not chase it. On the surface, attracting and chasing may appear to be similar. There is a thin line of difference between the two. Chasing seems to be empowering but it actually takes us to a lower vibration. It is outlined with desperation. Our ego feeds on the chase and quite often determines our worth too. We lose our sense of self when we indulge in chasing. At the end of it, chasing leads to a negative emotion, which in consequence attracts more negativity instead of fulfilment of desires.

On the contrary, attracting money is empowering. It is more about being the best version of self. It is more about giving. It immediately takes us to a higher vibration that draws people and things to us with ease.

A brief insight

The way you feel is what does the attracting. In order to attract money or to tune into the energy of money, one must feel love towards money instead of feelings of lack, fear or uneasiness. You can try to change your thoughts, set intentions, or repeat affirmations all day, but if you don’t truly feel that freedom, security, and joy that you want to experience more of, your manifestation exercises will go waste. Love the money you have now and adopt an energy of abundance. While you are at it, learn to rejoice in the good fortune of others. Recognise prosperity wherever you go – this trains your mind to build a positive money mindset and program the money blueprint in your subconscious. Most importantly, be open to receiving from the universe.

Is it possible to attract money?
One can attract money by sending out the energy of love, gratitude and welcoming energy. It is associated with the pulling energy. Some ways in which chasing can be avoided and attracting money could be ensured are as follows –

  • Affirmations: Affirmations are statements that are spoken, and often repeated, to encourage and uplift the person speaking them. They align the mind to the goal and manifestation becomes easier. An affirmation that could be used to attract money is “I am willing to attract more money today”.
  • Visualization: Visualization is like a mental rehearsal where we close our eyes and vividly imagine the scenario where all our desires have been fulfilled. We tap into the energy of the feeling after the outcome is achieved. This brings us closer to our goals, desires and wants. Visualize money falling on you, all around you. See the money, touch it, feel it, smell it. . . Reach out and grab it in the air. Know it is real. Know it is yours. Know you have an endless access to it.
  • Crystals: Crystals like citrine, golden pyrite and green aventurine can be kept around to attract money.
  • Herbs: To increase money flow, sprinkle cinnamon powder in your wallet, purse or any place you keep money. This will attract more money to you.
  • Therapy: Different modalities offer different tools to enhance the energy of attracting while clearing the blocks in the subconscious that lead to chasing in the first place. These therapies can be used to attract money naturally with ease.
  • Gratitude: Practice gratitude to amplify the money flow in your life. Gratitude has the ability to change our feelings instantly and this in turn changes our lives for the better.

Energy Healing:

In an industry where passing fads surface quite often, the concept of energy healing is here to stay. In fact, the concept has been around for a while in diverse cultures, including India, China, Japan and more. The modern-day energy healers are combining different approaches to energy healing, including Angel Healing, Chakra Healing, Reiki, Numerology and Color Therapy, to ensure holistic health and wellness for patrons across ages, genders and occupations. Their focus is on getting rid of blocks by activating underlying energy systems in the human body. Once the blocks are intervened, the individual’s inherent ability to recover him/herself is restored. This leads to good patient outcomes in manifestation of desires as well as conditions like cancers, injuries, diabetics and depression. Best of all, energy healing is safe and reliable vis-a-vis the mainstream treatment modalities.

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