Full Moon – Impact & Possibilities

The lunar cycle is known to impact the human & animal physiology. The moon cycles impact the human behaviour. All objects including stars, planets and satellite bodies along with their gross attributes emanate subtle frequencies. These physical attributes and subtle frequencies affect us in varying degrees at a physical and mental level.

The frequencies from the Moon affect the frequencies of the mental body, i.e. mind of human being that includes our feelings, emotions and desires. The mind consists of the conscious and the sub-conscious. Within the sub-conscious mind we have a number of impressions that are embedded that decide our basic nature and personality. We are however not aware of the thoughts or impressions in our subconscious mind. These impressions get collected over a number of lifetimes and even get passed on in the DNA. These impressions in our mind are the catalysts for all our thoughts and subsequent actions & reactions. Both the impressions and our thoughts have their own frequencies.

The full moon has the ability to impact these frequencies, moods and even sleep in many cases. By focussing on some positive therapies during the full moon night, we can channelize the energies to stay focussed, to manifest our desires and to stay calm and composed.

When we honour the moon through different techniques, it reconnects us to the earth’s rhythm and our natural cycles. This helps us to connect better with ourselves to build a life that works for us. Healing with the moon cycles also helps us make time to listen to our intuitive selves. It allows us to dive into the depths of what we need, and let our inner wisdom speak to us. Full moon is a time of harnessing and growing our feminine nature. Whether you are a male or a female, we all have a feminine side – feminine energy of creativity, nourishment & care.

Full Moon is known to amplify the healing journey and deepen our connection to our body’s wisdom. It is the time to focus on self-care.

A brief insight

The full moon is a time of reflection, and release. It is a time for cleansing & charging. It is about how our energy is expressed in the world, and living in relationship with others. It is a time for releasing inhibitions to step out in the world, and notice what is coming to fruition in our lives. The full moon calls us to cultivate a cooperative dynamic with the world in general. It is a time to receive support for all that you choose. Although creation may come from a seed you plant, it is brought to light through cooperative components that are facilitated during the full moon night. This is the phase where the seeds we’ve planted start to blossom in the light.

What can be done on a full moon night?

One can capitalise on the powers of a full moon night in some of the following ways –

  • Manifestation Exercises: You can use visualisation, affirmations or any other manifestation exercises on a full moon night to charge your desires and to ensure their physical actualization.
  • Gratitude: Express gratitude for the all the things flourishing in your life and also the things that are on the path of fruition.
  • Awareness & Acknowledgment: Bring your awareness to how important you are to the people around you. List down ways in which you are being supported and ways in which you are supporting others.
  • Therapy: Different modalities offer different tools to enhance the energy of full moon with respect to growth and balance of mind, body & being.

Energy Healing:

In an industry where passing fads surface quite often, the concept of energy healing is here to stay. In fact, the concept has been around for a while in diverse cultures, including India, China, Japan and more. The modern-day energy healers are combining different approaches to energy healing, including Angel Healing, Chakra Healing, Reiki, Numerology and Color Therapy, to ensure holistic health and wellness for patrons across ages, genders and occupations. Their focus is on getting rid of blocks by activating underlying energy systems in the human body. Once the blocks are intervened, the individual’s inherent ability to recover him/herself is restored. This leads to good patient outcomes in manifestation of desires as well as conditions like cancers, injuries, diabetics and depression. Best of all, energy healing is safe and reliable vis-a-vis the mainstream treatment modalities.




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