Hidden Powers of the Sub-Conscious Mind

It is time we start being conscious of the subconscious!

From the time of conception till our last day, our sub-conscious mind is storing all the information, events and experiences in it’s bank, and yes, from all life times!

The sub-conscious is a vast ocean with immense power and potential, the power and potential most of us are oblivious of, we are so busy living the conscious life, making the conscious decisions and choices that we do not realise why are we facing the challenges, even after taking and making wisest of decisions and choices.

Wondering why is it that things don’t go as planned, why even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle we suffer illnesses? Why even after giving our everything in relationships, we fail? Why even after putting our 100% we do not get recognition at work?

Well, all the answers lie within ourselves, in our very own Sub Conscious Mind.

Our sub-conscious mind is 6000 times stronger and powerful than our conscious mind. Any thought you put in it will be 6000 times more powerful, therefore it is advised and propagated to THINK POSITIVE!

Our experiences from early years and our past lives sets the foundation and basis of our Sub conscious functioning, the pattern & beliefs that we carry define our lives that we are leading now. While there is nothing that we can do change the experiences we have had, but we can surely re-programme our sub conscious mind to change and replace our limiting and dis-empowering beliefs with unlimited empowering beliefs, patterns and opportunities.

Consider your subconscious mind as an extremely fertile land; what we sow in this land is purely our choice, we can choose to sow seeds of weed or wheat!

Therefore, it is not just important but imperative to think well, to think wise, to think happy and to think positive. Just imagine what will happen if we sow seeds or thoughts of negativity and hatred in our super fertile mind!

Whatever we would like to manifest has to be first accepted by our conscious mind, and then it is sent as a command to our subconscious mind to implement.

Let’s consider our subconscious mind as a hard disk; it stores and retrieves all data to date and it gets us responding exactly the way we are programmed.

All commands, like I mentioned, above are given by the conscious mind. These commands are taken as an obey order by our subconscious mind and in this way we get programmed to take on life and its challenges.

Therefore, we are not able to manifest what we want in life as our conscious mind is not convinced of the thought or idea, for any thought or idea to manifest, the conscious mind has to accept it, believe in it for it to be taken as a command or an obey order by our super powerful subconscious mind!

Affirmations, Meditations, Hypnosis and NLP are some of the ways and techniques that can get us to tap into the super power that we all possess.

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