What we Imprint on our Mind lasts a long-time

We all are impressionable and we all leave our impressions behind. Everything we do, say or even think leaves an imprint on our subconscious mind. While this may seem like a ‘no big deal’, it truly shapes our lives. Every thing that happens to us or around us was once a thought that was impressed upon our mind. And slowly all these impressions begin to take a life of their own as they get plugged into our reality.

It may seem too far-fetched but look around. What do you see?

Do you see people stressed, cheated upon, hurt, and a lot more?

And do you also see a lot of advices on taking care, being careful, safe?

So what happens when we are overtly cautious or trying to play safe?

Each time we wish for safety, we silently affirm danger!

Each time we feel the need to save for a rainy day, we silently invite the rainy day!

Each time we advice someone to be careful of strangers, we silently affirm deceit by others as a possibility!

Why can’t we solely focus on goodness, abundance, joy, comfort, ease, wealth, health, good relationships, great communication and success as they are?

Why do we need to operate from a space of fear or doubt?

It has become more of a habit to operate from a space of lack, fear or confusion. We don’t even realize how these aspects dominate most of our actions, words as well as thoughts.

Every fear and every doubt gets stored in the subconscious and casts it shadow at every event and hence we witness a manifestation of what we do not desire instead of what we do.

Manifestation of desires is a really sought-after program across the world. All it takes is awareness; the right use of tools, impregnating the mind with the right thoughts and knowing the universe is aligning it all in the highest and the best. Trusting self doesn’t come easy and requires practice just like everything else. But is it doable? Yes. What would it take? Only a choice!

The ways will follow, ‘the how’ will be revealed and the physical actualization of desires will happen when you are ready to receive it all. Start with creating the right impressions.

Today take a pledge to choose what you truly would like to create – a magnificent & abundant life!
Start leaving the right impressions because you are always listening even when no one else is.

– Dr. Chandni Tugnait
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Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

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