Dr. Chandni Tugnait is MD in Alternate Medicines, Psychotherapist, Life Coach & Healer. She is internationally certified Facilitator & Practitioner in Access Bars, Access Body Processes, EFT โ€“ Emotional Freedom Technique, , Angel Healing along with Card Reading, Theta Healing, Past Lives Therapy, Energy Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Healing, Abundance Magnetizing & Color Therapy among many others.

Sessions from Dr. Chandni Tugnait are Holistic in nature and same could bring about change in different aspects

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Behavioral, Spiritual, Mood, Speech, etc.

Well Being Session includes the followings Stages:


Wherein your inputs and patterns of your life will be discussed. You can discuss multiple aspects coming from multiple areas of your day to day life, behavior, physical & physiological conditions. Your aura will also be scanned during this stage.

Therapy Session

Wherein based upon the inputs from the First Stage, Dr. Chandni Tugnait will intuitively customize combination of therapies that will be best for your personal aura and areas of concern. With this combination of therapies (and not focused upon one/two modalities), Dr. Chandni ensures her sessions are holistic and aimed at getting desirable results faster.

Additional Tips

Wherein you will be empowered with few additional tips that you can do on your own to amplify the result of the session. These tips are also customized as per your aura and areas of concern and generally include a combination of therapies.

Post Session Support

Wherein you can update the progress over Whatsapp and if needed more tips shall be shared with you to ensure you get maximum shifts in your energies from the first session itself.

The complete session takes about
2 Hours of time,
so kindly book your seat in advance.

For first time experience with Dr. Chandni Tugnait, we provide
Consultation of 30 minutes
that includes brief counseling and multiple therapeutic tips to feel better.

During these 30 minutes you get to know about & experience the power of Energy Therapies which in turn helps you to decide upon getting enrolled for the complete Well Being Session.

Both Well Being as well as Consultation can be done in distant as well.

(Recommended for Overseas Clients, Clients in other cities or for Critical patients).

Appointments with date and time will be confirmed post registration.