This workshop is for the little ones in the age group 8/8.5yrs – 15yrs.

Serenity Surrender(SS) is a beautiful way to connect these innocent ones to the divine. They easily understand that whatever they attract, may it be a subject they hate to study, a bully in the class, a food allergy or an unfulfilled desire, they have the power to change things to attract a magical life.

This workshop is specially designed for the age group of 8/8.5yrs to 15yrs and plays an extremely significant role in the context of life that a child develops as he grows up. They can be helped to grow into fine confident individuals who know what they want & also feel empowered to get it. It allows them learn to value & nurture themselves and also others including parents, siblings, teachers and friends.

In case your child has some form of medical concern also, please write to me separately and I can suggest how SS workshops can help both the child & the parents who are their guardians in their lives.

These workshops have benefited many children in overcoming their lack of trust on self, communication concerns, issues related to school and studies and many other things.

Some of the ways in which the workshop benefits the children are –
  • Recognizing their potential
  • Getting rid of bullies
  • Better Expression and Communication
  • More Confidence
  • Being more aware of the situations around them
  • Developing interest in Studies
  • Good Health
  • Connection with the Creator
  • Better relations with Parents, Teachers, Siblings and Friends
  • Overcoming hesitation
  • Better performance in Extra-curricular Activities
  • Healing Self and others with ease and joy

and much more 🙂