Angel Healing

Angels are formidable spiritual beings who serve God and human beings in various ways, say, people who believe in them. The English word “angel” is taken from the Greek word “Angelos”, which means “messenger.” Angels are the deliverers of Heaven’s love & guidance. Angels are the beings of light who respond to our calls for advice, assistance, protection, and comfort.

Angel healing is a powerful yet gentle practice that can bring balance and harmony back into your life. Many cultures have used this ancient technique throughout history for centuries. Still, it has gained popularity recently due to its remarkable effectiveness in restoring energy and overall well-being. Through connecting with heavenly beings such as angels, ascended masters, guardians, and archetypes, we can tap into divine guidance and source energy from them to assist us on our life journey.

Angels have many responsibilities to fulfil on Earth, including communicating messages from God to humans and protecting us from harm. They also help us in our daily lives by guiding us when we’re making important decisions or need wisdom about something important that’s happening in our lives.

Many people report seeing angels during difficult times, such as war or illness, when they could not find comfort anywhere else but received it through divine intervention–through heavenly messengers who came.

Angel Healing helps in connecting with angels & archangels using the Clair senses to change any aspect of our lives. Angel Healing is extraordinarily potent and assists in dealing with issues of the mind, body, behaviour, and being. It also enables us to receive & comprehend the messages from the angels and the Universe effectively.

Angel healing is a powerful practice that has countless personal benefits. Whether you’re seeking emotional or physical healing, angelic guidance can help you tap into higher levels of awareness and understanding. Below are some benefits of angel healing for your personal life:

  • It brings comfort and solace during challenging times.
  • It promotes spiritual growth and deepens one’s connection to the divine.
  • It provides emotional support and aids in healing emotional wounds.
  • It helps individuals release negative energy and emotional baggage.
  • It assists in overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression.
  • It encourages self-love and acceptance.
  • It fosters a sense of protection and guidance.
  • It boosts energy levels and revitalises the body and mind.
  • It enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.

Angel healing is not just about spiritual growth and self-awareness. It can also significantly improve your professional life. Here are some numerous professionals of angle healing:

  • It enhances creativity and innovative thinking.
  • It improves focus, concentration, and productivity.
  • It helps in making explicit and informed decisions.
  • It boosts confidence and self-esteem in professional settings.
  • It reduces work-related stress and burnout.
  • It promotes harmonious relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • It enhances communication skills and the ability to express oneself effectively.
  • Supports career growth and opens doors to new opportunities.
  • It helps find purpose and align one’s professional path with personal values.

The world of angel healing is vast and endless. We can explore its depths while connecting to the power source of peace and light to restore balance, harmony, and energy. From ancient times until now, our spiritual allies will always be with us, providing support and divine guidance that we may not have even been aware of needing. With the realisation that loved ones in spirit are ever-present, we can create a new relationship with them. Therefore, angel healing should not be forgotten or overlooked- its ability to open us up to the gentle whispers of the divine is a practice most of us could benefit from!


The earliest representation of an angelic being has been discovered on a Sumerian stele which is an ancient upright stone slab decorated with figures and inscriptions and which archaeologists believe could date as far back as 4000 BCE. This would date it to 1,000 years after the founding of Sumeria, the world’s first civilization. The belief in winged messengers as a celestial species, distinct from the gods themselves was propagated throughout the ancient world. There are many different types of Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Earth Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides. All of these Angels have different purposes and some specialize in certain areas but all of them assist us on our soul’s mission whenever we call out to them.


Angel Healing can be used to help with

  • Karmic Resolution
  • Past Lives Baggage
  • Physical Ailments
  • Addictions
  • Relationships
  • Depression

  • Fears/Phobias
  • Will Power
  • Love
  • Communication
  • Future Guidance

  • Money
  • Confidence
  • Manifestation of Desires
  • Card Readings
  • Psychic Protection

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