Money Magnetization

Do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet? Does your bank account seem to be running out of money before it even arrives? Do you have trouble believing that you deserve to be rich, despite the fact that you work hard and are smart?

Money is the one energy valued by every mortal and hence it also has a lot of beliefs stuck around it. This program helps break free from those patterns and beliefs through a healing session along with 21 tips to attract money and tune in to prosperity. These tips are aimed at lowering barriers and allowing receiving from the universe.

It is a great program to change mindset such that money can be attracted all the time and to tune into abundance

When you think of money, what do you picture? A stack of bills? Your bank account balance? Maybe a pile of coins or a credit card?

What if I told you that it’s possible to utilize the power of your mind to attract money to you, and not just in small amounts—but in large sums? And it doesn’t require any special tools or accessories. All it takes is a little training and practice.

That’s what this program will teach you: how to use your mind as a magnet for attracting money from the universe.

Empower Yourself. Heal Yourself


Every modality in the field of energy medicine lays emphasis on abundance and how training the mind can effectively change every aspect of life. In this program, a combination of different modalities is used to create effective tips that align the mind to attract money with ease. These tips along with a healing session give good results.


Money Magnetization Session can be used to help

  • Beliefs around Money
  • Receiving Money
  • Tuning in to the energy of Money