Power of Infinity

Power of Infinity taps into the innate ability to heal possessed by every mortal. It taps into one’s life energy, which along with universal energy heals different aspectsof life. It is amalgamated with Mantra infusion. Initiation and attunement is done during the program to ensure the participants can use the modality effectively. It is beneficial for scanning, cleansing, healing and protecting – all at the same time.

Empower Yourself. Heal Yourself


Power of Infinity has been channeled and designed by Dr. Chandni Tugnait and it aims at healing any and every aspect of life. It enables one to heal, to cleanse, to balance and energise the aura, the mind, the body, the soul and the being as well as the surroundings around us. It is a potent workshop and empowers people to take care of themselves, the people around, their houses, offices, etc. It is a quick and effective form of healing.


Power of Infinity can be used to help with

  • Physical Ailments
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Past life Baggage
  • Tuning into Abundance
  • Stress
  • Psychic Protection
  • Behavioural issues
  • Keeping Negativity away