Himanshu Takkar

Marketing Expert & Co-Founder – Life Artistry

Honored by the Indian Digital Media Awards (2014), Mobile Marketing Association (2014 & 2015) as a Prescreening Judge for Digital Marketing Awards, Himanshu began his career with Future Group in the Head Office , Mumbai and has experience in Retail, Marketing . Himanshu is a Post Graduate in Retail from Pearl Academy and has attended various Workshops in IIM, IIHS and other premier institutions to upgrade himself on subjects like Negotiation , Communication etc.

He truly believes that if you can’t become master in one then be a jack of all trades so that you can grasp what interests you easily and quickly than others. Being into Retail, Real Estate & Online Marketing he has learned that every industry has one thing in common and that is Business Relationships.And that is where his forte lies. In his new venture , Craazea Technologies as a co-founder he is focused on creating new business & alliances for the company . Craazea Technologies is a channel partner for Now Floats (Auto SEO company) which brought a revolution in the online marketing industry for SME’s who wanted to control their Search rankings.

He has just adopted a kid in karnal who is staying in an orphanage thus covering his schooling and basic amenities food, stay etc. and is planning to adopt 50 kids by 2020.He is an art lover and is fortunately married to an artist Anusha Bhadauria who makes Dream catchers and is planning to create the largest dream catcher store in India.

He can be reached at info@chandnitugnait.com