Money is Energy!

You can either make a million excuses or you can make a million dollars.

Dr. Chandni Tugnait,
Founder & Director

M.D (A.M.) Psychotherapist,
Lifestyle Coach & Healer

Become wealthy by learning how to tap into the energy of Money.

Our "Money & You Workshop" is open to everyone. Corporate leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Housewives, Therapists – anyone can learn how to channelize their own potency to attract money in a constant flow with ease in order to create desired results in their lives.

Have YOU ever felt that you aren't making enough money?

Does your money get exhausted in clearing debts, paying bills and fulfilling the needs of others?

Do you have the urge to save?

Do you fear the future? Spending too much, not having enough, having too much?

If any of these is a YES, then this workshop is for you.

Do you know it is possible to use certain tips and make certain changes to ensure money flows to you with ease?
Money is the one energy valued by every mortal and hence it also has a lot of beliefs stuck around it. Have you ever wondered why is it that you are unable to maintain a steady cash flow? Or why is it that you make a lot of money still all of it gets spent? Ever wondered why there is so much stress or confusion around money in general? Rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer.


What if it is all about how much you are willing to receive?

We live in a reality that has programmed our minds to believe that money is hard to get. Many feel money is the root to all evils. These rigid belief systems about money are buried deeply in the subconscious mind & that makes it almost impossible to manifest money. Our conscious and sub-conscious minds are at constant struggle as consciously we desire to make money, become wealthy and abundant while the beliefs in the subconscious are contradictory to our desires. This workshop aligns our conscious thoughts and desires with our subconscious beliefs to attract money.

Benefits of Money & You Workshop:

'Money & You' can be used to help with

  • Attracting Money
  • Tuning into energy of Money
  • Eliminating fears/Phobias around lack
  • Stress Management
  • Prosperity
  • Positivity
  • Money
  • Confidence


It is an in-person training. The workshop includes case studies, tips and extensive practice along with hand-outs & manual for the participants. The workshop is fun & transformational. It shifts reality in seconds.


  • Duration5 Hours (1 day)
  • Schedule23rd Feb 2019 (Saturday)
  • CoachDr. Chandni Tugnait
    (MD-Alternative Medicines)
  • Time12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Facilities Free light refreshments, Tea, Coffee provided during the workshop but there are cafes nearby if you prefer.
  • Location128, Qutub Plaza, DLF Ph 1, Gurugram
  • Fee INR 25,000 INR 15,000

Discover the age old science behind breaking away from the patterns that hold you back.
Learn and implement proven methods to attract abundance !



23 February 2019 (Saturday)


12:00 PM 5:00 PM


128, Qutub Plaza, DLF Ph 1 Gurugram


Topics Included

  • 1. What is Money?
  • 2. How can we tap into the energy of Money?
  • 3. How do we get stuck in patterns around money?
  • 4. How to come out of self-sabotaging habits?
  • 5. What should be avoided to come out of money miseries?
  • 6. What can be practiced to attract money and become wealthy & prosperous?
  • 7. How to reprogram the money blueprint in your subconscious?
  • 8. How to discover your true potential through ease with money?

Training will cover various topics to give you a deeper spiritual and scientific understanding on the subject.

Part One

  • Lesson 1. What is Money for you?
  • Lesson 2. What beliefs are stopping you from attracting money?
  • Lesson 3. Wealth Consciousness.
  • Lesson 4. Creating Financial Awareness.
  • Lesson 5. Why affirmations don't work?

Part Two

  • Lesson 6. Tips to attract Money through different modalities.
  • Lesson 7. Clearing Karmic Baggage with Money.
  • Lesson 8. Using mindfulness to tune into the energy of money.
  • Lesson 9. Reprogram the money blueprint in the subconscious.
  • Lesson 10. Eliminating fear and anxiety around Money
  • Lesson 11. Laws of Universe with respect to prosperity & money
  • Lesson 12. Money & Abundance Meditation
All workshop participants will receive
A Manual & Certificate of Completion Money & You Workshop on completion of the workshop. Become abundant by using the tips to attract money.


Money & You workshop

Learn how colours can influence your
Relationships, Health, Financial Goals & various Life Patterns.

Masterclass by
Dr. Chandni Tugnait

People who attended the Money & You workshop, Loved It!

Very Enlightening workshop also lots of fun . Some great learning and excellent awareness . Thank you for your Energy and time.

Mini Sarin

Great Knowledgeable session . Feeling energized. more connected to the universe. More clarity in mind.

Ricky Sharma

A very great sessions. Will definitely encourage friends to attend.

Denny jose

It was a completely superlative experience . Very powerful , full of lights . all the medidation was amazing . Thank you so much chandani . you are an amazing medium.

Suman Maheshwari

An amazing experience.

Archit Sachdeva

It was definitrly a great workshop and I’am so glad to have been part of it . it made me realize how much the uviverse has in store for me and I finally choose abundance. Than k you chandani

Piyush Sachdeva
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