Running a successful business is all about insight, practicality and forethought. If anything is amiss, you pay in time, money, credibility and future prospects. Allow energy healing to navigate you through business issues before they gain criticality and reflect poorly on you and your business.

People aren’t necessarily born with an extraordinary life; most people create it! It is simple yet tough for some to follow the success mantras consistently.

All it needs is practice under an expert guidance and gradually you pick it up and make it a HABIT!

Through various personal sessions, techniques, models and therapies, you will be guided through various stages of awakening your core potential, identifying your true abundant nature and harvesting the maximum out of it without making much efforts.

Business Coaches help Entrepreneurs Create Actionable Plans.

Proactive entrepreneurs want to know why their company’s growth goals are essential to them emotionally and how it will affect their lives. After all, the speed and zeal with which the goal is achieved is ultimately determined by the business owner (with the right mentor). There is no convincing reason why achieving that company goal is essential unless it is related to the business owner’s aspirations, goals, and plans.

Coaches bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table. They assist entrepreneurs (who're open to ideas) in determining their objectives and developing a road map. Their viewpoint on the business might assist entrepreneurs in determining which items are merely duties and which are long-term goals.

What do you get in these transformation sessions?

These sessions are designed very carefully, with a lot of experience and powerful psychology, to;

  • Help remove fears within you from childhood to adulthood; most of which are stored in your sub-conscious mind that you can’t access or remember. Being fearless helps you undertake & achieve the goals you once found too big to conquer.
  • Help you come out of self-pity and the victim mode and form new visions and goals with ease.
  • Help you gain crystal-clear vision of your purpose, desires, plans & align it to reality.
  • Give you a set of rituals, strategies and mindset to practice every day, non-stop, till you form a winning habit.
  • Take you on your new fearless and highly motivated journey coupled with layers of energy healings and mental strengthening.
  • Help you stay positive and composed even in the times of stress and anxiety.
  • Have a cordial personal relationship at home and at business so that you think clearly almost all the time.
  • Help you build abundance mindset thereby attracting wealth & success in business.
  • Help you identify & dissolve the self-sabotaging money beliefs and cultivating empowering wealth beliefs in its place for faster results.
  • Help you dive deeper into self to understand how our thoughts impact our mind and body to create our reality & how to use these tools & insight to create a life and business of magnificence.

How you will feel during and after these sessions and programs?

1. Effective Goal Setting & Achievement

Goal setting involves application of deep psychology. Fears and inhibitions are resolved during sessions and healings and hence you can expect to think with more clarity. Your brain is able to map a course of where you would like to be with greater conviction and confidence. Remember, this can be much bigger than what you had planned earlier, so be ready to embrace a new goal and a new you.

2. A very High Level of Commitment

You will find yourself highly involved in your personal and business growth and also growth of the people working for you and with you. High energy levels and passion to pursue your goals with more wit, exuberance & wisdom would develop.

3. Stronger with Productive Habits

You will be provided actionable tools to keep up with daily tasks and self-healing. You will find yourself practicing all these new habits with ease and becoming more efficient at realising the moment you go wrong; enhanced awareness. You will stay in control of yourself and learn more about forming newer productive habits and staying consistent with them.

4. Goodbye to Negativity and Fears

Fears, as older as past life or childhood or recent ones, all stay inside your being and leave a negative impact and surface every time you want to take a decision or act. These in turn could lead to anxiety, procrastination, blame, guilt, shame, anger, sadness & more. These sessions, methods, tips and regular coaching layered with one-to-one healing sessions will help you keep these fears at bay.
You will find yourself confident, more focussed and less anxious & you will experience high energy levels with minimal or zero bouts of low self-esteem or doubts.

5. Achieving Quicker Results

As you progress and dive deeper into your enhanced energy form and practice the daily tips and tactics, you will find yourself surrounded by highly favourable situations, right people coming across you and you being able to accomplish more with ease than what you really struggled for earlier.

6. Deeper & Meaningful Relationships

You will be able to initiate, nurture and uphold deep & meaningful relationships with people with heightened level of conversation and connection and not just superficial. You would able to embrace peace, joy, gratitude and compassion at work and in life, in general. Progress will happen at an accelerated pace.

Energy is central to everything that’s there in the universe – living or non-living, visible or invisible, verifiable or non-verifiable, tangible or intangible. Energy healing channelizes energy into your body, eliminating negative emotions and bringing in positivity, mindfulness and thought-clarity. Once you acquire these traits, making sound, futuristic business decisions are easy and quick.

There are multiple modalities – colour therapy, angel healing, access bars, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Business Coaching and many more – that can be used independently or in combination with energy healing to create business success for you. Plus, you can rely on angelic card readings to foresee future, seek guidance and hedge against wrong business decisions. Whether you’re starting a new business, branching out an existing one or considering an investment, these modalities will help you make the most of every opportunity.

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

-Nikola Tesla

Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

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