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Are you affected by any stubborn physical or mental condition that’s holding you back in your personal and professional life? It’s time for alternative therapies. It’s time for energy healing.

An Overview:

  • Energy healing is an effective, nonaggressive and evidence-based intervention modality to harmonize the body, mind and spirit – the three key areas of your existence.
  • Everything is energy, as the modern science suggests. We all are made of energy waves consistently vibrating at a set frequency. Energy healing streamlines the frequency for health, wellness and spiritual gains that may be hard to achieve otherwise.

Why us?

  • Dr. Chandni Tugnait and her team create a support ecosystem where your mental and physical issues are diagnosed and effective solutions are delivered based on multiple modalities like color therapy, angel healing, access bars, ELT, PLT, NLP, and more.
  • The troubling past experiences and restrictive beliefs are swapped with new realities through meditation and other cognitive therapies. The subconscious now works on the new realities, helping you achieve more out of life, and steer clear of any conditions.
  • Tips for self healing are provided at the end of each session for long term health gains. An ongoing WhatsApp support is also readily available to keep you infirmed.


  • A significant improvement in quality of life.
  • Steer clear of chronic or acute psychotic disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse disorders, anxiety issues or any other mental ailment.
  • Effective in safe and swift recovery from any common or complex physical condition, including the life-threatening cancers.
  • Help you evolve into a more energetic, positive and efficient person.

Now that your curiosity is aroused, it’s time to consult Dr. Chandni Tugnait one of the leading energy healers and alternative medicine practitioners in India. She has helped numerous people like you.

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

-Nikola Tesla

Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

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