How Colour Therapy can do wonders for you !

Human behavior is not immune to colors. The impact can be subtle or profound, temporary or lasting, instant or gradual, or positive or negative, depending on your interaction with the color. Take for instance a 2014 study, which states that eating off red plates has a restrictive effect on the total intake of food, helping you to achieve your diet goals. Likewise, exposure to red color prior to writing an exam can be detrimental to your performance, according to a 2007 study. As the global research community is striving to unravel the impact colors on our physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social aspects, more such mind boggling facts will surface soon.

Colors not only transform your outlook, mood, thought process, and emotions but pamper you to health and wellness as well. It may sound a bit irrational but only until you dive deep into the science of colors. What humans perceive as color is nothing but the light of varying wavelengths and energy that interact with our innate frequencies, leading to a transformative effect. In fact, an alternative medicine method – Color Therapy or Cromatherapy – has revived itself strongly of late, which is premised on the curative and energizing capabilities of colors.

A brief history:
Contrary to the popular sentiment, Cromatherapy is not a new invention but a proven practice with the history dating back to ancient times. The ancient Indians, Egyptians, and Chinese capitalized on their knowledge of colors to ward off illness and negative energies and usher in peace, stability, and physical and mental health. However, it took Dinshah P. Ghadiali, an Indian born American scientist, to discuss Color Therapy in all its depths and dimensions. In his path-breaking work in 1933, Spectro Chromemetry Encyclopedia, he provided a scientific backing to Cromatherapy and a new toolbox of options for the modern day healers. Since then, the trend has survived the onslaught of mainstream intervention strategies and gone from strength to strength, leaving in its wake a growing number of satisfied patrons across the globe.

How it works:
Unlike several alternative healing therapies, Cromatherapy is not a passing fad. There is a rational foundation to it that makes it an effective, reliable, and lasting alternative medicine. The light reflecting from an object hits the human retina in the form of wavelengths and frequencies. Subsequently, the brain deciphers the wavelengths and provides us with a sensory experience of colors. Herein lays the premise of Cromatherapy. The colors when striking on the brain generate electrical impulses, which, in turn, put into motion several biochemical reactions that induce behavioral changes. Eyes are not the only entry point for the light, as skin also permits it. When the light of a certain frequency enters the body via the skin, hormones are activated, leading to chemical reactions that have a healing, relaxing, and harmonizing effect.

With color therapists getting inventive, the color therapy sessions come in all shapes and sizes. Typically, the therapist will tailor the session to your exact needs and aspirations. Giving you a color analysis at the start is a common practice, which is aimed at bringing past the desirable change in your mental and physical health. Many practitioners even blend color therapy with aromatherapy and other popular alternative healing strategies for the maximum effect. The session is generally conducted in a soothing and serene ambiance where specific colors of light are directed on the specific body parts depending on the outcome you desire. Some therapists may also cover different parts of your body with different colors of silk for better results.

Cromatherapy is a holistic, safe, and non-invasive alternative medicine method offering a bouquet of benefits for everyone – be it humans or animals, minors or adults, or males or females. For the uninitiated, we populate a list of some redeeming features of this in-demand therapy. Read on and “color” yourself to comprehensive wellbeing minus the safety concerns.

  • Stress Buster:
    Stress seems to the norm in the contemporary times with 70 to 80 percent of people experiencing it day in and day out. What’s alarming about stress is that it is the front for many psychological disorders, including anxiety, over-thinking, and more. Scientific studies have established that colors have a calming effect on your senses, relieving you from stress emanating from tight schedules and heavy workloads. Your therapist is likely to expose you to indigo and purple colors to lower your stress levels and promote relaxation. You can even consider painting your favorite rooms with any of these colors for maximum benefits.
  • Insomnia Relief:
    Insomnia is the inability to sleep. The condition has been a growing concern for millions of individuals globally, interfering with their personal and professional lives. If this resonates with you too, its time to undergo Cromatherapy and do away with prescription sleep aids for good. The color therapy not only promotes healthy sleep but regulates sleep patterns as well, thanks to its effect on the melatonin levels in the body. Your therapist will subject you to the optimal amount of purple at midday to restrain melatonin levels and allow a sound sleep at night.
  • Chronic Pain Relief:
    Cromatherapy is the way to go to get rid of the chronic pain in a safe and reliable manner. Red and purple color light interfaces with disordered energy in parts experiencing pain and induces biochemical reactions, which lead to a gradual pain relief, better blood circulation, and reduced swelling. Cromatherapists also capitalizes on a blend of various colors to treat heart conditions and Tourette’s syndrome.
  • Oxygen Stimulation:
    Cromatherapy is known to balance the level of oxygen within the body. An optimal exposure to green color can trigger biochemical reactions within the lungs, causing the oxygen level to escalate. In fact, the impact is such that patients with conditions like COPD, which are incurable after a certain stage, can also expect relief. The green color is also instrumental in treating other pulmonary conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis, and promoting milk production in lactating mothers.
  • Rectify Vision Issues:
    If vision issues are ailing you, Cromatherapy can exceed your expectations. Be it night blindness or far or near sight issues, yellow and purple colors can help you tide over it all. The reason being, these colors help steer clear of blue light, which is detrimental to nighttime vision.
  • Miscellany:
    Color therapy is also proven to improve memory, ensure speedy recovery from substance abuse disorders. There is also social element to this unique therapy, helping in improving finances, career prospects, and strengthening bonds.
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