How Energy Healing Remedies Diseases

Picture this! Someone is suffering from a terminal illness and doctors have given up on him. In a last-ditch effort, he goes for energy healing and, to everyone’s surprise, recovers. The exact scenario plays out for a number of patients that see no hope in conventional medicine.

Energy healing explained:
What did the energy healer do that doctors couldn’t? The answer lies in the approach that distinguishes energy healing from conventional medicine and establishes it as a savior in the majority of life-threatening medical conditions, including cancers. The approach is holistic and premised upon the fact that life on the planet and beyond is inter-connected by an inexplicably complex network of energy. Here, the laws of physics also kick in, suggesting that energy cannot be created or destroyed but converted into forms through appropriate techniques.

Be it mental or physical, illness is caused when energy flow is restricted within the body. Energy healer serves as the medium to convert the energy of nature into medicine through different techniques. They channel the healing energy into the human body to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing through sensory inputs. Simply put, they remove the illness-causing energy blockades through touch, sensation, pressure, or other techniques. Once the steady flow of life force is achieved within the body, a swift and safe recovery is realized.

So, energy healing can be loosely defined as “the process to ensure smooth flow of the life force within the body resulting in the removal of illness-causing energy blockades and preparing the body for self-healing.” It’s all about channeling energy into an individual through a medium to balance the body, mind, and soul and ensure optimal health and wellbeing. While your doctor focuses on minimizing symptoms, a healer will work on bringing holistic recovery and positivity. Energy healing is widely used either independently for various medical conditions or in conjunction with conventional medicine to boost the therapeutic effect.

Scientific backing to energy healing:
Skeptics often discard energy therapy, calling it “pseudoscientific.” However, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests otherwise. A report in 2013 stated – “an energy healing session lasting for 10 minutes can deliver similar benefits as physical therapy in ensuring mobility.” In fact, quantum theory, which is gaining traction among the global scientific community, has led us to a better understanding of what energy is all about and how it can affect even physically unconnected objects lying far off. Thanks to quantum physics, the existence of the Omni-present energy field, which was earlier discarded by skeptics, is validated to an extent.

Energy healing is not a modern phenomenon but a practice perfected across ages and cultures. The ancient Indians, Chinese, and Japanese were using energy healing to optimize their mental, physical and spiritual health, as authenticated by various scriptures and local traditions. What ancient cultures knew about energy therapy is now being substantiated by quantum physics, though with a difference in semantics. With scientific studies getting more incisive by the day, we may be able to quantify the “unverifiable energy” any time soon and establish energy healing as the mainstream practice. However, many healthcare facilities are increasingly experimenting with alternative medicine, which is an encouraging sign for energy healers and patients alike.

A typical energy healing session:
While modalities may differ from a healer to healer, a typical session includes three stages – Pre-Healing, Healing, and Post-Healing – each with its own significance and requirements.

1. Pre-Healing: The pre-healing session is the healer’s entryway to patient engagement. The healer will be either giving you a questionnaire containing a flurry of relevant questions that need to be filled or will engage you in an interactive conversation to understand all the aspects – known & unknown. The point is to help the healer know your exact medical condition and/or frame of mind and decide the course of action accordingly. Feel free to clear your doubts about the process, its duration, benefits, implications, etc.

2. Healing: The practitioner will be scanning your body to identify the deficiencies and energy blockades and work on them by channeling healing energy. The identification and rectification techniques used vary from one practitioner to the other but the goal remains the same – to strike a balance between body and mind for therapeutic benefits. The session is conducted in a serene, soothing ambiance to maximize the effect.

3. Post-Healing: The session is educative where you are told what dietary, lifestyle, and other changes you should bring to keep the body-mind balance intact. The healer may also recommend certain self-care routines depending on your individual condition. The whole idea is to prevent imbalances to resurface and ward off disease reoccurrences.

The requisites of successful recovery:
The impact of energy therapy is subject to certain requisites, such as, but not limited to:

Caroline Myss puts it nicely, “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” Being logical is beneficial but being hyper-logical is dangerous. When you let hyper-logical tendency overpower your senses, panic sets in, leaving you distraught. So, it’s important to cultivate self-belief and unflinching faith in energy healing to sustain you through the process and achieve recovery. Remember, you will realize it when you believe it.

The healer is a person with special abilities to conjure up energy and direct it into your body. However, he is still a human, not an angel with a wand who can make things happen instantly. He requires time to work out the issue you are facing because quick-fix solutions are not always reliable. As such, maintain patience as the practitioner navigates you through the healing process. The number of sessions often varies as per your condition and mental state.

Willingness to change:
The practitioner will help you get rid of your medical condition but preventing it from reoccurring depends on you. Simply put, your willingness to change will decide how well you maintain perfect health and wellness in the long run. The recommendations made in the post-healing session should be adhered to because they are devised to steer clear of conditions for life.

Let energy therapy eradicate your illnesses and direct your life towards positivity and happiness.

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