Detox your Lungs, Naturally !

The breath you just took – did you express gratitude for it?

Isn’t it funny how we take our breath for granted? It is effortless and hence we don’t focus on its importance till our breathing is impaired. We can go weeks without food, days without water but not very long without air.

With the rise in pollution, every year, at this time, the cases of intense asthma, bronchitis, difficulty in breathing, find their place in our lives. Air purifiers find a spot in our homes, offices and cars owing to the impact of the smog. The dependency on medicines and nebulizers increases and stress is strewn all over.

So have you ever considered opting for alternative therapies to detox and activate the lungs to ensure you are better equipped to handle the impact of pollution?

Air quality is worsening day-by-day. The ventilation index and the wind speed are expected to fall further. It has become difficult for kids as well as adults to step out for school or work, respectively.

The time has now come to seriously work on making the planet a better place for our future generations and us. While we collectively work towards ‘no to plastic’, ‘yes to recycling’ and making ‘best of waste’, we must also work on making our bodies more adept in facing the damage that is already done.

Tips to activate your lungs:

  • 1. Breathing Exercises
    Use any of the deep breathing exercises to make the lungs healthier.
  • 2. Castor Oil Pack
    Place castor oil packs on the chest, similar to vapor rubs. These are thought to break up congestion and toxins.
  • 3. Lung Cleansing Herbs/ Essential Oils
    Use lung cleansing herbs/essential oils like oregano, orange peel, peppermint and eucalyptus as natural remedies for respiratory conditions.
  • 4. Indoor Plants
    Use indoor plants like spider plant, aloe vera, snake plant, chrysanthemum, peace lily and golden pothos that produce oxygen and filter out toxic chemicals from the air.
  • 5. Energy Healing
    There are a lot of tools, processes and therapies that can be used to strengthen the lung capacity and to aid in breathing better. Consult a therapist you trust.
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