We store all of the data that we need in order to maintain our relationships with customers and clients. This data ranges from records including full name, email address, and country, to more extensive records that include full name, telephone number, email address, home, and work address, as well as details of dependents (If Required).

For tax purposes, if you attend a class or buy a product, we will store your tax or GST identification number and all of the data that we need to issue a correct invoice in all of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

In addition, if you attend a class or buy a product, we will also keep a record of that transaction to be able to discern whether you meet the prerequisites for advanced classes, healing sessions, and training and also for upcoming classes or courses.

We will also keep a record of your certification to be able to provide all of the services agreed in our Certified Agreements and to enable you to perform your business as agreed with us.

We may store both your shipping address, for product delivery, and your billing address, which can be used to verify credit card payments or other methods of payment, along with Tax compliance.


We store your data in order to provide the services we offer free and to fulfill our contractual undertakings with our customers and clients.

Personal data is stored to be able to send you information, free samples, products and to register you for classes, healing sessions and training telecalls, and other marketing purposes.

By keeping a record of the products you have purchased, and the classes and telecalls in which you have participated, we are able to check your prerequisites for future, more advanced classes, healing sessions, and training and, if you are interested, for becoming a Gateway of Healing trainer. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Gateway of Healing trainer, we need to know what classes, healing sessions, and training programs you have already completed to qualify as a Certified trainer.

Recordings of classes and telecalls may be stored and distributed to enable clients and customers to play back classes or telecalls they attended, although Gateway of Healing may choose not to record these in the first place itself. If done, following the aforementioned classes or telecalls, the recordings are also turned into products that are sold in the shop.


Within Gateway of Healing, the individuals with access to your data are those requiring those data to be able to fulfill our contractual agreements with our customers and clients. These may include our communications and marketing team, our event organizers, administrative staff, and contractors.

In addition, outsourcing work on specialist tasks within IT and accounting, for example, sometimes requires us to grant consultants access to your data whenever and wherever this is required to fulfill our legal obligations towards official authorities or to develop and improve our services.

In addition to our internal team and the external agencies with whom we work are granted access to your basic data (full name, email address, mailing address, country, and phone number)


We keep the data stored as long as…

  • We have a relationship with you as a customer, client, or interested party
  • We are legally obliged to, for tax purposes
  • Until you unsubscribe or ask us to delete your information


As a customer, you have the right to…

  • Manage your email or paid subscription
  • Correct any and all information we have stored
  • Request details of the data we have stored regarding you
  • Request deletion or limitation of your stored data

If you would like to update, change or amend your data, please let us know by contacting us from the contact us tab on: www. GatewayofHealing.com

If you would like to be deleted from our database, please contact us from the contact us tab on: www. GatewayofHealing.com