What is Numerology?

The Universe is full of Energy Vibrations, and these vibrations are the driving force of the universe. Likewise each number / letter has its own unique vibration that resonates with our aura and influences our day-to-day Life. Numerology is the science of decoding these vibrations with respect to one’s own vibrations to draft a blueprint of life. Hence, Numerology Report analysis becomes the most significant decoding tool to unveil our strengths and overcome the challenges of our life.

Our soul has chosen this life form to evolve further and while doing so it acquires new experiences & skills. In order to achieve our goal (Target), our soul choses certain life experiences (target achieving plan). For this plan to work out it pre-chooses opportunities and challenges (tools) to face them and accomplish the same.

The expression of destiny, Dr. Chandni Tugnait feels & believes, comes from this aspect of TARGET-PLAN-TOOLS outlook of Soul. Numerology is the science to decode this data, put in together, and create the balance for our life journey to be more conscious and blissful.

Empower Yourself. Heal Yourself

History of Numerology

There have been several techniques of Numerology used by various countries and civilizations that existed on our Mother Earth such as India, Greece, Egypt, China, Atlantis and Babylon. In fact, the Chaldean technique of numerology originated thousands of years back by the Chaldeans of ancient Babylon that is still believed to be the oldest version by many Numerologists.

Today’s Modern Numerology is the invention of the popular Ionian Greek Philosopher and Mathematician Sir. Pythagoras. Does that name ring a bell? YES, he is the same person behind the most famous mathematical contribution “Pythagorean Theorem” that we all learn in our school. Sir Pythagoras is considered to be the FATHER of MODERN NUMEROLOGY.


Numerology can be used to help with

  • All decisions in life
  • Understanding personality traits
  • Health issues
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Money issues
  • Love
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Past Life Baggage
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Lucky colors, days, dates and time
  • Annual chart
  • Life chart
  • Positive & Negative numbers
  • Positive & Negative Directions
  • Name Correction
  • Date of Birth Remedies
  • Life Purpose