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Entity Clearing

Entity Clearing


Entity clearing, also known as energy clearing or entity removal, is a process of identifying and releasing negative, intrusive, or unwanted energies or entities from a person, space, or object. Entities are non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with one’s energy, emotions, and the atmosphere of places such as a house or room.

They may include spirits, ghosts, energetic attachments, or lingering energies that can affect individuals’ or environments’ energetic balance and well-being. Although there is some acceptance of such phenomena, it needs to be more understood, and more need to learn how to deal with such things. With a loss of vision comes the fear of the unknown, and due to this, we have scary stories of exorcisms, etc., which are mainly stemming from ignorance.

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eye meditation

Understanding Meditation

There is a lot more to entity clearing than what meets the eye.

The effects of entities can vary to quite a large degree, but with all entities, there will be a loss of energy and amplification of negative emotions.

Anger, the need to cry, and sudden unexplainable pain in any part, especially the neck, shoulders, or back are common experiences in the presence of entities. Their energies also interfere with the running of electrical appliances and circuits.

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Anger, the need to cry, and sudden unexplainable pain in any part, especially the neck, shoulders, or back are common experiences in the presence of entities. Their energies also interfere with the running of electrical appliances and circuits.

Clearing entities should only be practised by someone with a good understanding and empathy. The entity may only be able to delve into its subconscious with the help of the healer because they are simple and lack the required awareness to do this.

Entities are non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with one’s energy, emotions, and the atmosphere of places such as a house or room. These entities are often negatively charged energies that are left behind by people who have died, either through suicide or accident or who have been badly treated by others. They may also be created through negative thoughts, emotions, and actions.

These entities are often unaware of their own existence and do not know they are being observed. Some entities may be aware of their existence but choose not to interact with humans because they believe they will not be appreciated. Others may seek out human interaction or companionship, especially if they were neglected during their lifetime on Earth.

    Some commonly used entity-clearing techniques are:

  1. Smudging

    Smudging involves burning sacred herbs like sage, palo santo, or cedar to purify the energy of a space or person. The smoke is believed to cleanse and clear negative energies, including unwanted entities.
  2. White Light Visualization

    Visualizing a bright, protective white light surrounding oneself or a space can create a barrier against negative energies and entities, preventing them from entering or attaching.
  3. Calling on Spiritual Guides or Guardians

    Some individuals call on their spiritual guides, angels, or protective deities to assist in clearing and protecting against negative entities.
  4. Prayer and Intention Setting

    Prayer and intention-setting can be used to request the removal of negative energies and entities from a person or space.
  5. Sound Healing

    Sound healing using instruments like singing bowls, bells, or chanting can create vibrations that disperse and clear unwanted energies.
  6. Energy Healing

    Reiki practitioners and other energy healers can channel healing energy to clear and release negative energies and entities from a person’s energy field.
  7. Crystal Clearing

    Certain crystals are believed to have purifying properties. Placing crystals in space or using them in a healing session can aid in clearing unwanted energies.
  8. Setting Boundaries

    Setting clear boundaries and intentions in a space or with one’s energy can help prevent unwanted energies or entities from attaching.
  9. Energetic Cord Cutting

    Energetic cord cutting involves visualising and cutting any energetic attachments to negative energies or entities.
  10. Space Clearing Rituals

    Space clearing rituals involve specific practices and ceremonies designed to clear and cleanse the energy of a physical location.

Remembering that entity-clearing techniques should be approached with respect and a clear intention is essential. If one feels overwhelmed or unable to handle the situation, seeking the assistance of a trained professional or spiritual practitioner experienced in entity clearing may be the best course of action. Additionally, entity clearing should be complemented by practices that promote overall well-being, such as self-care, grounding, and spiritual protection techniques.

Additionally, there are many ways you can clear yourself from negative energy, such as by practising yoga or meditation; however, these methods alone may not be enough to clear an entire space, such as a house or room example, because the entity will always find its way back into your life again which is why it is best to call upon professional help from a clairvoyant medium for example who can assist you in clearing any negative entities from your home.

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Meet Your Life Coach & Healer

Dr. Chandni Tugnait is MD in Alternate Medicines, Psychotherapist, Life Coach & Healer with over 14 Years of experience. She is internationally Certified Facilitator & Practitioner in Access Bars, Access Body Processes, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Healing along with Card Reading, Theta Healing, Energy Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Healing, Abundance Magnetizing & Color Therapy among many others. Read Dr. Chandni’s Story
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We changed their lives and here they send us reasons to smile !
Priceless words of honour.

I have known Dr Chandni for only 6 months. Yet today I consider her part of my family and my being. When I met her, I was exhausted with life and with myself. Not only did her session uplift & transform my physical body but I was grounded like I havent been in 8 years. Highly knowledgeable, able to answer your deepest questions, full of light and exuberance, I havent seen any energy healing so significant and long lasting. Im privileged to receive wellness from her and I know that Im never alone. My association with her is for life and her specialness is above the heavens for me.

Ms. Rosy Singh
Corporate Trainer, Delhi

I was part of the session with Dr. Chandni Tugnait and so many friends asked me about my experience. The following analogy reflects some parts of the experience -The best of Buddhas disciple gave their quantifiable findings but when it came to Andanda, his closest one, he had tears in his eyes and responded in a single sentence – “I don’t know”.Buddha responded emotively, you have me in you. One has to experience it to believe in the healing process in totality.
Thanks a lot for your contribution Chandni

Mr. Gurpinder Singh Vohra
Founder Kriti Creation
New Delhi

Best person in town , all courses and learning content is awesome n really insightful

More power to her, she is changing the life of many people with her holistic healing techniques and helping in removing limiting beliefs of people and unleashing the power within them to get healthy and successful life.

Anketaa Sachdev

At times i wonder where does she keep it all. Such compassion – non judgmental, ever accessible, invaluable. It’s got to be a fountain within her that flows incessantly for the wary soul. No matter what your wound is, the magical waters of this fountain can cure all. And it was magic that got me to this fountain. For I had neither met her nor known her, at-least not in this lifetime! The first time i spoke to her, her compassion cut through my dense energy.

Qatar (UAE)

Chakra Balancing 5 days WhatsApp Workshop: It was well organised course, data was shared in time. Meditations were really helpful. All the details about chakra and different ways to clear and balance them were shared in a simple but effective way.

I am really grateful to be associated with Gateway of Healing.
Thank you 😊

Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur

It sure was nice meeting Dr. Chandni Tugnait.
The participants liked her talk.
It was nice and interactive – just what we wanted.

Ms. Mamta Saxena
IFC, World Bank

It was indeed a great honor for me to be trained by Ms. Chandni on my first visit to India. Not only did she teach us techniques on improving our proficiency in the English Language but also helped us to be able to communicate effectively with people from different cultures. The sessions with Ms. Chandni are always fun & informative. Even after hours of training with her, there is no sign of tiredness or lethargy. I extend my gratitude to you for teaching us how to be BETTER THAN THE BEST!!

Robbi Adhilni

Every teacher educates but only a few enlighten and Chandni ma’am is one of them. Besides having outstanding teaching methods, she is also very skilful and enthusiastic. And the best part is she never settles for what she and her students have accomplished. I owe a lot to her in terms of motivation, enlightenment and most importantly for making me a good human being. Her words of motivation “YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE BEST” always are a major source of ENCOURAGEMENT..

Nitasha Panda

Ms. Chandni is a fine young lady who simply touched my heart during my visit to India. Although she is my daughter’s age but the ease with which she handled our group of 40 odd people from different countries and different cultures, left me spellbound. English was never a problem for me but this young girl, who I proudly call my teacher, taught me some very interesting things. I wish you the best of luck in everything that you do. Smile as often as you can. May the Lord bless you!

Joseph, Diplomat
Sudan, Africa

Ms. Chandni Tugnait – You are simply WOW! Thank you for making me aware of the flaws in my language.

Abbas Ali

Ms. Chandni is someone who sets an example and acts as an inspiration for all her trainees. She full of knowledge and wants the best of us as students. A saying of her that I want to share with u all (that brought difference in my life) :

Saluna Koebeer
Suriname (South America)

I’m really thankful to Chandni Ji for bringing the awareness in me and helping me in empowering myself through the various workshops conducted by her. Not only am I more confident and happy now but also more capable of helping others by healing different issues in their lives. Thanks for always being there to guide me.

Soniyah Sharrmaa
New Delhi

I’m really glad I attended the Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop with Chandni Ma’am. I’ll be indebted to you all my life for showing me the path of self empowerment. I had put myself in the gentle and capable hands of my guide and mentor ‘Chandni Tugnait Sharma’ and found that my opinion of myself, and my beliefs in the cycles of karma changed forever. The sessions and workshops have helped me develop my full potential, unlock hidden talents, and create more compassion and love for myself and others. Love You Ma’am.

Gauri Dhiman
New Delhi

I shall be eternally grateful to my sister-in-law for helping me uncover the fantastic laws of Universe and exposing me to the world of great mysticity and grandeur. Nothing seems impossible for me now. I get all that I desire and much more. One workshop changed so much for me. I, now, truly believe that nothing is unachievable in this abundant Universe.

Saurabh Sharma
New Delhi

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