Time is the most precious resource that we all have; it can neither be bought nor stolen given its limited nature. Apart from time, the biggest resource that we all have is our energy.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. The various forms of alternative therapies and energy healing modalities provide us all with a chance to change.

The best thing about knowing you have a problem is the opportunity to resolve it. Energy healing provides us with that opportunity across various aspects of our lives – physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, behavioral, environmental, sexual, spiritual, and more.

Energy is everything and everywhere – people, places, things, situations, money, love, food, power, the works!

The concept of energy healing, simply put, is like tuning in to the frequency of the channel you would like to listen to on the radio. You have to tune in to the ‘right’ frequency. There is truly no right or wrong in this world. Whatever resonates with us, we see that as ‘right’ and whatever doesn’t, we label it as ‘wrong’. This would explain the ‘vibe’ or vibrations that we catch from people or places when we encounter them.

Once we understand how to attract or tune in to the energy that resonates with us and how to deflect the energy that doesn’t, life is experienced in its true form of abundance & joy!

Energy Healing balances energy and promotes overall well-being. The different modalities are biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, distance healing, contact healing, touch therapy, color therapy, numerology, past lives therapy, angel healing, aura scanning, etc.

Energy medicine often proposes that imbalances in the body’s aura or “energy field” cause imbalances & illnesses, and that by re-balancing the body’s energy-field health can be restored.


What is distance/remote healing?

Our body, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy centers & spiritual centers vibrate at a particular frequency. Distance healing works on these vibrations A distance or remote healing or coaching session is no different from a face-to-face session. It works on the same concept of mind, energy, intention, and result-driven mindset. It can be used on people, places, things, situations & even environments.

A remote healing session starts with a meaningful conversation (to understand the aspects to be worked upon in detail). This generally takes 30 mins-45 mins.

The second part of the session is healing/therapy (this includes a combination of multiple modalities depending upon the situation at hand). During this time, the client is asked to relax in a quiet, undisturbed place for 30 mins-45 mins after which the communication is initiated again.

The final part of the session is counseling, coaching, and post-therapy tips (from multiple modalities which when implemented by the client, amplify the result of the session). This takes around 25 mins-45 mins.

In addition to the session, support over mail and Whatsapp is extended along with follow-up from the team to ensure consistent and sustained results.


What makes a distance healing session effective?

Just like a face-to-face session, a distance healing session is based on the concept of mind and energy and hence is equally effective. Just like you can sense the love of a loved one despite space, time & distance, the same holds true for the energy & healing sent in a remote healing session.

Let’s understand this in detail. We all have a physical body, an energetic body, and a mind. In the physical body, the neurons (core components of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves) play a very important role in healing. In the energetic body, the aura (energy field), the chakras (energy centers), and the meridians (energy pathways) play a very important role in healing. In the mind, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind & the vibrational mind play a very important role in healing.

Just like every individual has a different physical composition, there is also distinct energetic composition (etheric, mental, emotional & spiritual) for each one of us. We all have energies vibrating at different frequencies. And that is why, what works for one individual may not work for the other and hence, multiple healing modalities are used in a session (based on intuition and experience) to ensure the best possible results.

The mind and the energy are beyond space, time, distance, and dimension and hence it doesn’t matter whether the session is done online or offline; over the phone or in-person; distance or in contact.

The energy work can’t be seen but it is effective! Just like the love of a mother – no matter where in the world you are, you can simply sense it.

Everyone’s experience during/post a session varies, depending on their sensitivity to energy. Most commonly, people report feeling warmth in some parts of the body or tingling sensations, the flow of energy, a state of trance, lightness, heaviness (similar to when heavy baggage is released from our back), and a lot of space, blankness, release of burdens or feeling sleepy. Some may experience none of these as every person may not be sensitive to energy or energy flows. The session still benefits everyone. There are no side effects of energy healing.


How many sessions does one need for results to show?

Results may vary from person to person depending upon their readiness and receptivity. Changes are often visible right from the first session. Even when issues are resolved in a single session, three to six sessions are advisable for a lasting impact. The sessions aim at healing, detoxing, and sealing and not just a quick fix. Mindset change and awareness are equally important and hence with more sessions, clients get equipped to deal with different aspects of their lives more efficiently. In my experience, I have witnessed clients with 8-10 years of depression getting all right in one session. A client who was unable to conceive even through IVF, conceived normally, without IVF, in three sessions. Another time, there was a couple dealing with relationship issues for over 20 years and they experienced a breakthrough in just 2 sessions. Some clients feel it’s important to cleanse and align their body, mind, and soul regularly and so they book a session every month. Some effectively engage in a life makeover program that is for a year with a complete life turnaround. So, the number of sessions varies from person to person and case to case.


Who can avail of an energy healing session?

An energy healing session (whether distance or in-person) can be availed by:

  1. Someone willing for a change in any aspect of his or her life
  2. Someone ready to create a life of his or her choice.
  3. Someone ready for a mindset shift for a life full of joy, ease & abundance
  4. Someone looking at financial stability
  5. Someone going through physical, mental, or emotional upheaval
  6. Someone going through depression, anxiety, or stress
  7. Someone looking for Life Coaching
  8. Someone looking to break free from past patterns and beliefs
  9. Someone willing to create meaningful relationships
  10. Someone ready to work on personal & professional growth


When should one book a distance healing session?

 A well-being session is an investment in self. Just like we bathe every day, eat food at regular intervals, and fix appointments at the spa and salon once or twice a month, we should also fix a time for our growth and well-being from time to time. We all have certain things in our lives that we would like to address for wholesome, healthy, abundant, and fulfilling life. Hence, the best time to book a session is NOW!

Remember: A well-being healing session is not required only to address pain, damage, or issues.

It is chosen even when things are good, to take them to the next level.


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Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

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