What is Money Magnetizing Program?

Money is the one energy valued by every mortal and hence it also has a lot of beliefs stuck around it. This program helps break free from those patterns and beliefs through a healing session along with 21 tips to attract money and tune- into prosperity. These tips are aimed at lowering barriers and allowing receiving from the universe.

It is a great program to change mindset such that money can be attracted all the time and to tune into abundance.

It has to do with your frequency to become magnetic to money. This training involves putting yourself in a receiving mindset, followed by action that seems in line with your objectives and aspirations. Spend some time reflecting on the definitions of the terms balance, alignment, frequency, and receiver. They seldom ever affect any action you might take.

To achieve a goal or fulfill a desire, we frequently need to take action. The key phases of attraction take place before any action is taken.

Depending on our karma, we are all born with a certain amount of magnetism. By taking training it opens receivers to the infinite wealth that is both ours and the universes, anyone may raise their frequency and increase their ability to attract money.

Empower Yourself. Heal Yourself

Background of Money Magnetizing program

Every modality in the field of energy medicine lays emphasis on abundance and how training the mind can effectively change every aspect of life. In this program, a combination of different modalities is used to create effective tips that align the mind to attract money with ease. These tips along with a healing session give good results.


Money Magnetization Program can be used to help with

Karmic Resolution

Past Lives

Physical Ailments


Duration: 21 Days


It is an online program. The tipscan be used by the participantsdepending upon their convenience during the day. Follow-up and guidance is offered during the entire program of 21 days to ensure choosing money, wealth & abundance becomes a habit. Individual as well as group workshops are conducted. The program includes tips and a healing session for the participants.

Recharge Your Soul


This healing helps you with

  • Beliefs around Money
  • Receiving Money
  • Tuning into the energy of Money

This is a natural treatment.

It is an online program.

It is a 21 days session.

You are just a step away from a Totally Different Life