What’s the fuss over STRESS?

Stress is the ‘new normal, for years now. People have gotten addicted to stress unknowingly and for some, it is a matter of privilege that they ‘have stress’. Stress is a physiological response to keep us safe from an immediate threat. So what has changed? When did we start feeling threatened most of the time? Is it really stress or an amplified perception of stress?

So can this wreak havoc? Yes! Stress is known to lead to insomnia, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, breathing issues, ulcers, high blood pressure, obesity, suppression of the immune system, diabetes, heart ailments, and pain in the body.

In the current fast-paced world, many times, we start perceiving our excessive workload, driving in traffic, family concerns, daily deadlines of emails, etc. as stress. The unconscious algorithms are running for all of us. The key is to be aware and then to be able to change the state. We should pause and breathe; be aware of the present moment instead of constantly chasing ‘the next in order to reduce stress in our lives.

To manage stress one doesn’t have to eliminate thoughts. Instead, we observe the thoughts without judgment – simply be aware.

A great help in managing stress & increasing the levels of energy is a fixed morning routine where one takes out time to feel gratitude, meditate, read a few pages of a book while sipping tea, exercise, write a journal and take a cold shower. Needless to say that this routine is effective only post a wholesome 7-8 hours of sleep.


How can one manage stress effectively?

  1. Take Frequent Breaks

When at work, don’t drown yourself in hours & piles of work. Take frequent breaks and in those breaks stretch a little, walk a bit, take a few deep breaths, listen to your favorite song or read a comic strip, anything that helps you relax.

  1. Connect with Nature

Nature has the ability to calm and heal. Look at the trees, leaves, grass, and sky, and feel the breeze. A few minutes with nature daily can assist greatly in calming the mind & reducing stress.

  1. Technology Detox

A few hours every day, keep away from technology. Spend time with family and friends without your phones, laptop, or television. Focus on your connections. This in turn will have a monumental impact on the level of stress you experience.

  1. Appreciation

Make gratitude and appreciation a part of your life. Say it out aloud. Appreciate your body, your phone, your sneakers, your beating heart – every big and small thing that adds value to you and your life.

  1. Meditation & Breath Work

Daily meditation of 10-20 minutes is known to have a profound impact on calming the mind and releasing stress, worry, and anxiety. You may focus on your breath, a mantra, silence, or any other focal point. Make sure you stick to a technique and do not keep hopping from one to another as that may slow the progress and may cause you to stop the practice completely. Deep breathing and other breathing exercises are stellar for mindfulness.

  1. Live, Laugh, Play

When was the last time you let yourself loose? When was the last time you laughed without the fear of being judged? When was the last time you took time out for yourself? Live, Laugh, Play; there is no other way. Be a kid. Try new things. Have fun.


Wake up to your beautiful life. Prioritize presence. Express more than impress. Be more, do more, have more.


Breathe. Smile. Love. Live.


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Dr Chandni’s work reaches millions: Press coverage & Interview

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