Angel Card Reading

When in trouble, you seek divine intervention. As your personal experiences will tell you, the divinity actually intervenes in most instances, comforting you, guiding you, and carrying you to safety. However, you are not the only beneficiary of the divine benevolence but every other individual has a similar story to tell, differing only in narratives and semantics.

What is divine intervention?
For believers, there is an elaborate divine setup ruled by the all mighty who guides every activity at every level in the universe. The second in the hierarchy are angels, a species of powerful spiritual beings tasked with carrying God’s message to humans. In fact, the word “ANGEL” comes from “ANGELOS,” meaning messenger in Greek. Filled with love and compassion, the angels are our redeemer, comforter, and guardian. They can be invoked through a medium for health, mindfulness, positivity, clarity in thoughts, and informed decisions. The argument is best manifested in angel card reading, a new age phenomenon taking the world by a storm.

Angel Card Reading explained:
Angel card reading is a “non-denominational way of invoking guardian angels for consultations.” The process involves an angel card expert and a deck of cards, each carrying images or textual references. The number of cards in a deck ranges from 36 to 100, depending on the angel card author. You choose a card from the deck with an angelic inspiration and the expert will interpret it for you. Here, you seek answers from your guardian angels to which they respond by inspiring you to select a particular card that has the answer to your particular issue.

The focus of the general public is steadily shifting from belief systems to spirituality. The millennials are trending towards the occult for deliverance from pain, misery, and uncertainty. Among all the popular methods of foreseeing the future and finding easy answers to complex issues, energy card reading stands out. The method is accurate, reliable, easy to follow, and has nothing much to do with religion. The reason is, that angels are divine entities and beyond the scope of religion and belief systems. So, even if you’re a non-believer, angel reading is for you.

How do Angel Cards work?
Angelic card reading is premised upon the belief that spiritual energy has six aspects to it – all guarded by our guardian angels/archangels/ascended masters/spirit guides. The angelic card you choose (or the expert will choose for you) will reflect one or many of these aspects, depending on how many cards are drawn. Let’s run you through each realm, one at a time for an in-depth understanding.

1. Reflection: Reflection essentially refers to getting intimate with the divine within you. When you acknowledge your divine self, the gateway to success is laid open.

2. Partnership: Here, the relationships are developed on the basis of shared spirituality. Simply put, you are using spirituality to strengthen bonds with everyone concerned.

3. Integration: You balance your mind, body, and soul. Once the harmony is achieved, you channel your energy towards creating a healthy, prosperous and meaningful life.

4. Alignment: You determine the ultimate divine purpose assigned to you and then align your activities with it. It’s about finding and doing meaningful work all your life.

5. Rejuvenation: The cycle of life is defined by that divine force and rejuvenation means how to find your own restitution in it. There’s a figurative suggestion of rebirth.

6. Nourishment: From positive, benign thoughts to foods, there are several things around offering you spiritual fulfillment. The real deal is to find them and nourish you.

Angel card reading and angelic healing often go hand in hand. Your reader might also function as a healer, navigating you through the risky part of your life and bringing in health, prosperity, harmony, and success for you. The expert is likely to conduct negative energy vacuuming on you where the negative energy and disruptive beliefs are drained out of your system while traits like positivity, compassion, and mindfulness are instilled. While the techniques may vary from one practitioner to the other, the results are usually life-enriching.

How Angel Card Reading helps:
For instance, you are considering a new business venture. You may have conducted feasibility studies but the element of uncertainty is still there. Now, on someone’s recommendation, you opt for angel card reading and invoke the angels for guidance. Chances are bright that the angels will oblige and help you reach the right decisions at the right time. Now that you have confidence in your decisions, you invest yourself fully into the task and achieve success.

The exact scenario can play out for any other issue related to personal and professional life. From choosing the right career option to buying a property and finding true love, angel cards keep you covered. The motivation and positive affirmations they offer for all aspects of life are the stepping stone to successful decisions. Plus, this oracle tool can give you spiritual leverage.

How does Angel Card Reading differ from Tarot Card Reading?
As per popular perception, angel card reading is just a fancy version of tarot card reading. After all, both readings use a set of cards for foretelling. However, the perception is flawed, as both are poles apart. Tarot cards base their predictions on a variety of metaphysical concepts, including numerology and alchemy, while angel cards depend solely on guidance from angels.

Here, the readings are based on the interaction of the energy tapped from ethereal beings with the energy of the guidance seeker. The response in angelic reading is more direct and accurate. With angel card reading gaining traction the world over, it’s time for you to experience the transformation through divine guidance and insight. Even though invoking angels seems a little heady, especially if you are a non-believer, the benefits you may reap are worth your time and money. However, interacting with the unseen can be dangerous. If done on your own, the Oracle practice can bring in undesirable energies with ruinous effects on your life. Let an experienced professional do that for you, as he/she is better equipped to navigate you through the entire process safely and efficiently.

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