How to manage emotions during COVID pandemic

Managing emotions during COVID crisis

The current situation in India with regards to the rise in COVID cases and deaths is nothing short of a nightmare. A lot of my clients are feeling confused with regard to their emotions and have a lingering feeling of “I don’t feel like doing anything”. It’s not only the impact of the news and information overload on social media but also the fact that people are losing their near and dear ones without as much as a hint.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, never. It’s worse to be trying to support many and still not be able to help. The fear, anger, blame, guilt – the whole gamut of emotions – all are justified. But what is also important is to pause for a moment and accept all these emotions and begin to process them. The situation is grim for everyone (in some way or the other). We need prayer, compassion, love, and gratitude in today’s times. Look around, there are people trying to help (not everyone is trying to bribe), there are many bracing & surviving the virus amidst all the deaths, there are many who care and are praying for the humanity at large, and there is compassion & help in many places if not all. Hold onto that and allow yourself to be a conduit for more compassion and assistance in any way possible instead of fear and uncertainty.

No act is small. No prayer is negligible. No support is trivial. Looking around and complaining and blaming will only cause more pressure on our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

We have to come together from the space of love, compassion, and gratitude to fight the pandemic. There’s no other way. Operate from awareness and take care of self and others. We are undeniably in a crisis and there are faults at every level – from the top to the root. However, this is not the time to find faults and indulge in a blame game. 

It’s time to focus on “what can I do to make a difference today?” and then purely from a space of compassion, ACT! Don’t worry about the results, simply act.

Will we be able to save the world? I don’t know. But what I do know is that with that one act a day, and thirty acts in a month, we all can create ripples of change. It all matters! Choose change over complaints!

We always have a choice! Do your bit! Stay blessed, stay safe. Take care!

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